Orphea Clothes Protector Diffusers Floral

Protect your clothes in larger wardrobes with Orphea's delicate floral scent.

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About the Orphea Clothes Protector Diffusers Floral

Orphea Clothes Protector is the natural and favourite solution to the problem of protecting wool and precious garments.

Orphea Clothes Protector diffusers are blended in Switzerland from a patented formulation. Its unique and original floral fragrance, based on over 400 plant and flower extracts from the Swiss Alps, will not stain your clothes. Each diffuser will softly envelope and protect them for 12 weeks – an entire season.

The Orphea success began in the 1920s and today is a leading natural fabric protection and fragrance product. Look after your clothes and try some today! Hang an Orphea Clothes Protector diffuser in your wardrobe or two for very large wardrobes.


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