About Orphea

Orphea Clothes Protector strips and diffusers are blended in Switzerland using a patented formulation of over 400 plant and flower extracts from the Swiss Alps. Its variety of unique and unobtrusive fragrances will softly envelope and protect your precious clothes and linens for 12 weeks – an entire season. They don’t mark or stain, so are perfectly safe to tuck inside your expensive woollen and cashmere garments.

Orphea strips on clothes The Orphea success story began in the 1920s when Heinrich Bachmann, a Swiss inventor, began collecting recipes for effective natural remedies against insects. Thanks to his knowledge of herbs and plants, he created a complex formula of extractions from plants and flowers that are able to protect wool garments naturally.

The name Orphea was chosen by Heinrich and his daughter Sylvia. It refers to the Greek myth of Orpheus, the expressive figure of balance and musical harmony, as a metaphor for the pleasant natural fragrance of Orphea.

Today Orphea has grown from a small-scale, semi-traditional production process, to more organised and modern methods, all without giving up the attention for the qualitative aspects that our products are known for.

Orphea in Australia and New Zealand

Orphea in Australia and New Zealand is represented by Master Distributors, a leading brand-building business based in Mulgrave, Victoria. For any supply and retail sales opportunities, please contact us.