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Enjoy The Fragrance Of Protection

Orphea Clothes Protector strips and diffusers effectively and naturally
protect your precious clothes in storage.

It is natural

Its formulation also includes over 400 plant and flower extracts.

It is perfumed

Its fragrance gives garments a pleasant and unobtrusive bouquet.

It is practical

It was designed for versatility and takes up minimal space.

It is safe
and non-staining

In contact with garments, it protects them without damage.

It is effective

Guaranteed by a patented Swiss formulation.

Orphea Clothes Protector strips and diffusers are blended in Switzerland using a patented formulation which includes over 400 plant and flower extracts from the gorgeous Swiss Alps.

These practical cellulose strips with a variety of unique and unobtrusive fragrances, unlike nasty mothballs, will softly envelope and protect your precious clothes and linens for 12 weeks – an entire season.
Orphea strips and diffusers don’t mark or stain, so are perfectly safe to tuck inside your expensive woollen and cashmere garments.

Enjoy the fragrance of protection with Orphea, the famous and trusted fabric protector of excellence for almost 100 years.

Strips For Drawers And Wardrobes

The Orphea Clothes Protector Range

Packs of 12 strips for use in drawers and can
be hung on coat hangers.