Orphea Clothes Protector Strips Madagascar Cloves

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Protect your precious clothes and fabrics with a seductive bouquet of Madagascan cloves.

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About the Orphea Clothes Protector Strips Madagascar Cloves

Orphea Clothes Protector is the natural solution to protect your precious garments, especially wool, cashmere and furs.

Orphea Clothes Protector strips are blended in Switzerland from a patented formulation. With a special bouquet of Madagascan cloves, from the island country where the cloves are grown, the scent reminds us of ‘Red Door’ with its deep, elegant floral notes. Each strip softly envelopes and protects them for an entire season – up to 12 weeks – while not staining your clothes.

From its many years of experience, Orphea knows how to combine plants and flowers to use in the care of delicate or precious materials. Cloves are a spice made from the dried flower buds of Eugenia caryophyllata (or Syzygium aromaticum), a plant that belongs to the family of the Myrtaceae. These plants are native to Indonesia and are also widely cultivated: in South Africa (Madagascar and Tanzania in particular), Asia (the Philippines in particular), in Sri Lanka and also in South America.

The Orphea success story began in the 1920s and today is a leading clothes protector product. Protect your clothes and try some today! Hang Orphea Clothes Protector strips onto clothes-hanger hooks in your wardrobes, or place one strip in each drawer compartment or two for very large drawers.

NOTE: This is especially-imported stock direct from Italy exclusively for our loyal Australian customers. The packaging is printed in Italian however the product is equivalent to other Orphea Clothes Protector Strips just with a Madagascar Cloves scent.

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  1. Chris Ellen (verified owner)

    My then young daughter and I had happily and successfully used the Orphea Clothes Protector Strips (original floral) product for a number of years before being unable to find them in any shop. As a result my now 23 year old daughter and I suffered some terrible bug damage to our clothing. We were both over the moon to find the original strips online along with some new scents and received our order for the original floral and the new (to us) Madagascar Cloves scent in a very prompt turnaround time! We are looking forward to a return to bug free clothing and linens! Thank you so much Orphea!

    • Orphea

      Hello Chris. It is lovely to hear that your family are enjoying Orphea, and your clothes and linens are being left alone. Thank-you for purchasing from us and we look forward to seeing you as a happy customer for many years to come!

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